Supportive Counselling

Supportive Counselling Relationship

The Supportive counselling relationship is a process aimed at assisting an individual along his training and career orientation as well as in his search of solutions to the difficulties encountered. This relationship cultivates in the individual an in-depth knowledge of what he is and what he wants to do.

Counselling helps the individual to understand how to get about his life, reasons behinds his actions, the future use of what he is going to do, and how it can help him achieve his dream and objectives, how it can lead to better choices and better decisions.

In other words, the Supportive counselling relationship brings the individual to recognize the relationship between their preferences, motivations, academic disciplines, professions and occupations that interest them. This means that the Guidance Counsellor should show the individual:

  • The gains from learning areas: academic disciplines and training programmes.
  • The development of personal and social skills that is, his soft skills and identity.
  • The guidance counsellor also enables the individual to understand that the general training field based on guidance and entrepreneurship is related to the world of work.


The Supportive counselling relationship is a process that promotes the development of vocational maturity of the individual characterized by:

  • Growth that reflects the needs of the individual
  • Constant and personalized assistance.
  • Strategic evolution of activities ensuring the development and interests of the individual.

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