Psycho-Technical Tests

Psycho-Technical Tests

Psycho-technical tests are designed to provide a certain profile (intellectual, psychological, etc.) of the person being tested. They can be used as a basis for school, university or professional guidance and counselling of individuals .

In this sense, students can be tested / assessed to predict their adaptation to particular forms of teaching or to predict the situation of students with learning difficulties. This process aims at gathering information that can be useful in regulating the training process.

There is a wide variety of tests that can be classified according to different criteria. The most relevant classification is based on the function. In this sense, there are efficiency tests and personality tests.

As an illustration, we can mention:

  • IQ tests

This test is intended to reveal an individual’s ability to understand the world around them and to solve problems. This test is not only related to academic ability or professional success, but also to other factors. This is why there are several types of intelligence tests, each evaluating a specific type of intelligence. As examples of intelligence tests, we can list the logical process and word games, dominoes tests, cards tests, graphics suites, general knowledge tests, verbal comprehension tests, memory tests, etc.

  • Personality tests

This test is used to determine the degree of extraversion, emotional stability, friendliness, professionalism, creativity and openness of an individual.

As employment is concerned, according to these broad dimensions, psychologists have adapted different job profiles and created new specific tests.

  • Guidance tests

This test highlights six main profiles of people namely “Realistic”, “investigative”, “artistic”, “Social”, “Enterprising” and “Conventional”.

This typology aims to establish order of importance in similarities for each person on which the six personality profiles have been studied. Following this test, psychologists can combine these results with professional profiles and list of occupations most suitable to an individual.

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