succeed in a job interview

How to succeed in a job interview

Also called selection interview, the job interview is a key moment in the search of a job. This is the ultimate time for the employer to ensure that you are the suitable candidate for the vacancy.

It is also an opportunity for you to verify that the position you are applying for matches not only your skills but also your career plan. This is why it is important to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can easily make the necessary adjustments.

The following steps can guide you in the preparation of your job interview. If the date is set, start by learning about the company. If necessary, go on the internet to find reliable information. Before you attend the interview, first visit the website of the company to enquire about its missions, future prospects and targeted professional achievement. Leave your house early so that you should not be late for the interview. If possible find out before hand  the location of the place of appointment.

Do not be stressed up before the interview. Adopt a positive and professional attitude and tell yourself that you are the right person. Strive to master your résumé by heart so that you can present your experience and skills with ease.

On the day of the interview, dress up appropriately, arrive at the place of interview at least ten minutes before the appointment time to avoid lateness, panting and sweating in front of the employer. Wait until you are invited to sit down and make yourself comfortable in your seat without crossing and uncrossing your legs or arms. In short, try to relax.

During the interview, look in the eyes of your interviewer without any exaggeration. You should also avoid monopolizing the floor or interrupting the interviewer. It is a time discussion during which you must clearly highlight your experiences. Keep in mind that this is the time the employer is interested in your personality, your skills and hence your suitability to the position to be filled. So put all the chances on your side.

At the end of the interview, always remember to thank the interviewer while smiling.