Advice to Parents

The future of the child is the primary concern of any parent. Choosing the child’s future profession is primordial to this preoccupation. Selecting a profession for one’s child should be constructed from an early age. This project is based on the observation of the child by the parents who should study, for instance, the kind of games or work the child likes. It is by observing the child in his games, his ways of doing things, or working or avoiding work that parents detect their hidden talents.

On another dimension, parents influence their children by their daily gestures, actions and speech. Although many teenagers seem indifferent to the opinions of their parents, the truth is that, without betraying their feelings, they listen to what the parents tell them. The views of parents, stemming from an in-depth analysis of the realities of the job market, can usefully complement what adolescents learn about trades in school, books, and from the media,etc. Read further