Technical Vocational Training

Technical Educational

Studies in Technical High Schools lead to a technical, administrative, commercial and industrial Baccalauréat for French-speaking students and the Technical GCE A-level in similar disciplines for English-speaking students. Admission into high school is conditioned by the presentation of the CAP or BEPC or GCE O / L certificate and candidates have to sit for a competitive entrance examination in the discipline selected.

  • Technical commercial education


Technical commercial education becomes the sciences and technologies of the tertiary sector. Names such as stenographer -typist, Assistant accountant in first cycle and the G1 series(Administrative techniques),t G2 series (Quantitative management techniques) and G3 series(second cyclecommercial techniques) have been modified.


Henceforth we talk about the first cycle of: office automation : Office automation, medical secretariat : Medical secretariat, accounting staff : Accountant staff member , Financial services agent: FInancial services agent , Social and home economics: Social and home economics, Catering: Catering, SALES: Marketing and in the Second cycle of: Administrative action and communication : Administrative action and communication, Accounting and management : Accounting and management, Taxation and management data processing: Taxation and management data processing, Commercial action and communication: Commercial action and communication, Economic and social sciences: Economic and social sciences, Social and home economics: Social and home economics, Hotel and catering industry: Hotel and catering industry, Tourism: Tourism, Baking: Baking

  •  Technical industrial education

Technical industrial education offers both separate courses and core curricula in certain Form five classes (Seconde). For the combined classes, specialization is done in lower sixth (Première) as it is the case with audio-visual maintenance and electromechanical maintenance.Read futher