Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

In the process of selecting a profession, what is important is to have visibility not only of personal abilities, but also of the environment and requirements of the future job. It is this combination that allows you to make a rational and sensible choice.


These are selection criteria related to the personality of the individual

A – Required skills and attitudes

– Physical and intellectual capacities.

– Freedom: reconcile work and private life

– The degree of autonomy and initiative.

– Your aptitude to perform the job.

B – Prerequisites

Any choice is made based on skills. These may include:

– The educational pathway.

– Training courses received.

– Accumulated experience.

– Extra knowledge.

– Strengths and personal qualifications.

C – Incentives

Incentives include the interests, personal tastes and preferences that an individual may have (area of competence, passion for the job). Motivation is explained by the fact that an individual generally is preferentially enticed or restricted by certain situations, making certain relations with some objects  indispensible for the functioning of that individual .Read further