The English-speaking Sub-system

Just as it is the case in the French-speaking sub-system, the English-speaking sub-system has two cycles, that is, the first cycle and the second cycle. The first cycle lasts for five years and goes from Form 1 to Form 5. The second cycle lasts two years. Only students who pass the GCE O / Level in Form 5 are admitted into lower six. In the first cycle, students are required to learn all the subjects taught. The second cycle secondary school comprises LOWER SIX AND UPPER SIX.

The GCE A level in Arts series and science series that make up this sub-system are distributed into subjects. The common characteristic of the Arts series and science series is the existence of combinations. Furthermore, the subjects are independent and do not have any coefficients. The assessment system of the English-speaking sub-system is based on grades (A, B, C, D, E). The following subjects are compulsory for the GCE A level examination in the following series:

Arts series

UPPER SIX A1: History, literature, French.

UPPER SIX A2: Geography, Economics, History.

UPPER SIX A3: Literature, Economics, History.

UPPER SIX A4: Geography, Economics, Mathematics

UPPER SIX A5: History, Literature, Philosophy.


For the sciences, we have:

UPPER SIX S1: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

UPPER SIX S2: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

UPPER SIX S3: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

UPPER SIX S4: Biology, Chemistry, Geology

NB: It should be noted that at the level of the series, candidates have the possibility to choose additional subjects among the eleven subjects above. Candidates for the GCE A / L science series sit for practical examinations two to three weeks before the written examination. The GCE O / L and GCE A / L examinations take place at the same period.