States Universities or Higher Institutions

States Universities or Higher Institutions

  • State Universities

With the creation of the University of Bamenda in December 2010, Cameroon now has eight State universities. The faculties and university institutions attached to each of these universities are presented below.

University of Bamenda [FR] [EN]
University of Buea [FR] [EN]
University of Douala [FR] [EN]
University of Dschang [FR] [EN]
University of Maroua [FR] [EN]
University of Ngaoundéré [FR] [EN]
University of Yaoundé I [FR] [EN]
University of Yaoundé II [FR] [EN]


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  • University institutions(1)
  1. These are public institutions of higher learning that are vocational in nature, and which are not attached to any State university. Some of these institutions are sub-regional in coverage.


Training Centre for Municipal Administrators

[FR] [EN] espace National Advanced School of Posts and Telecommunications [FR] [EN]
Regional College of Agriculture [FR] [EN] Ă‚ General education Teachers-Training School [FR] [EN]
Water and Forestry School Mbalmayo [FR] [EN] Ă‚ Technical Teachers-Training School [FR] [EN]
Combined Military Academy (EMIA) [FR] [EN] Ă‚ African Computer Institute [FR] [EN]
National Advanced School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) [FR] [EN] Ă‚ International Insurance Institute [FR] [EN]
National School of Prison Administration [FR] [EN] Ă‚ National Institute of Youth and Sports [FR] [EN]
National School of Hotel Management and Tourism Ngaoundéré [FR] [EN] Â National Institute of Social Workers [FR] [EN]
National Advanced Police School [FR] [EN] Ă‚ Panafrican Institute for Development in Central Africa [FR] [EN]
National Advanced School of Public Works [FR] [EN] Ă‚ Sub-regional Institute of Statistics and Applied economics [FR] [EN